Sam’s Credits as a Stage Performer include:
MGM Grand, Las Vegas
Bally’s, Las Vegas
Holy Cow Casino, Las Vegas
Big Dogs Casino, Las Vegas
Reno Hilton, Reno
Bally’s, Reno
Comedy Store, L.A.
Spellbinders, Texas
Club Med, Mexico
Club Monterey,  Monterey
Zanies, Chicago
Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento
Improv, L.A.
Catch a Rising Star, Las Vegas
Honolulu Comedy Club, Hawaii
Uncle Funny’s,  Ft. Lauderdale
The Ice House, Pasadena
Laugh Factory, L.A.
Tommy T’s, Concord
Punchline, Nationwide
Sam’s Film and Television Credits include:
“Being Human” with Robin Williams (Warner Bros.)
“Nash Bridges” with Don Johnson (CBS)
“Entertainment Tonight” (NBC)
“Almost Live” (ABC) 
“Laughs” (CBS) 
“Evening Magazine” (CBS) 
“Empire of the Sands”, Soap Opera (Pilot)
Sam worked as a stand-up comedian/musician/actor throughout the United States for over 20 years, headlining at such prestigious clubs as Bally’s and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  He feels that the stage is a place to find more of yourself not just to make a living, whether you perform just one time or for the rest of your life.  You can start creating, grow and change at any age.  “The more risks you take, the richer your life becomes.”

​Sam has been invited to speak at colleges as well as high schools over the years as a comic but mostly as a source of inspiration for young people to question their idea of themselves as well as their fears and programming to find a bigger truth in their lives.  He feels that family, friends and community are the foundation to a good and full life. “You need to be useful and involved in all of it to be truly rich. More money just makes you more of what you already are: If you gave before, you will give more; if you were creepy and cheap before, well, you get the picture.” 

Sam Guttman

musician, artist, comedian
laugh, learn, love

A virtual tour of Windows and Doors Art Exhibition in the Main Gallery at Sebastopol Center for The Arts, Sebastopol, California. Feb-March 2020.  Sam's art, Kosher Schwein, is at location 1 min 25 seconds 

Corporate and Personal Appearances include:
U.S. Coast Guard
Wells Fargo Bank
Commercial Roofers Association
49th District Agricultural Assoc.
American Diabetes Foundation
Sutter Davis Hospital
Travis Air Force Base
Intel Corporation
Jewish Federation
National Plumbers Expo, Las Vegas
Bank of America
California Attorney General
Hewlitt-Packard (Agilent)
San Jose Police Department
Scofield Air Force Base, Hawaii
Jelco Industries
Mather Air Force Base

​Mosquito Vector, Palm Springs

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