A virtual tour of Windows and Doors Art Exhibition in the Main Gallery at Sebastopol Center for The Arts, Sebastopol, California. Feb-March 2020.  Sam's art, Kosher Schwein, is at location 1 min 25 seconds 

Sam Guttman

Sam’s many years of holistic training and doing body work has made him comfortable with anatomy which has been a big asset in working with clay. Seeing so many people unhappy with their perceived physical imperfections and defects has helped him to realize that there is no such thing as perfect, especially in ART. His mixed media work which may incorporate clay, bones, and steel reflects his never ending sense of humor as well as his darker, quirky side.  Working for years in construction has provided him with the tools to conceptualize how different materials work and move together.  Sam makes art that is not meant to just sit there and look pretty: it should be touched, often it moves, and should move you to smile or groan - it’s all good.

AGNOSTIC ART: Believe in the work, but don't take yourself too seriously.

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  • California Boy0:36
  • Flight of the Anchovies0:37
  • War Party0:30
  • Autumn0:35
  • DADGAD0:37
  • Tunisian Slippers0:33
  • Waitin on David0:35
  • Gulag0:30